The Lodge supports Masonic and local charities, such as Help for Heroes, Chase Children's Hospice, The Royal Marsden Hospital and Macmillan Cancer Support.

The main Masonic charities are the Samaritan Fund, which helps members of their families to get the medical or surgical treatment they may need.

'The Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys', which tends to the education, right up to degree courses, for the children of Masonic families that have suffered the loss of a wage earner, or who may be in financial difficulty.

The Royal Masonic Benevolent Fund which runs care homes for elderly and in some cases infirm Masons and their elderly family members.

The Grand Charity to which all Masons contribute a sum within their annual dues, which in turn allows that charity to donate to hardship cases within Freemasonry and also to disaster funds.

For example, on the day the disaster occurred, the Grand Charity sent £50,000 to the Japanese earthquake victims, likewise for the Haiti earthquake disaster victims, and much more since.

The province of Surrey sent to Haiti, via Merlin Medical, a fully equipped 'go-anywhere' ambulance at a cost of £35,000.

About LifeLites

LifeLites charity began in 1999. It helps very ill children who are undergoing hospice care, to keep in touch and spend quality time with families and school friends, via the use of technology. It also provides electronic games and devices for the children to enjoy and entertain themselves, thus for a while they can forget their illness and disabilities.

Whilst the Lodge has donated small sums to Chase Children’s Hospice we have yet to assist LifeLites. They are however, in our sights, as our Bro. Jonathan Wooller hopes to do a sponsored cycle ride, on behalf of that charity and Chase Children’s Hospice later this year.